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Outlet Spotlight: 91.5FM The Positive Alternative

24 July, 2023

“As a community radio platform, we felt it especially important to give hope and be positive in a seemingly hopeless circumstance”

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In difficult times it is hope and positivity that keeps communities connected. It is this hope that underpins everything that 91.5FM The Positive Alternative does. Produced by Cooloola Christian Radio Association and based in the Gympie region of Queensland, the station has a strong mission to provide hope and be positive in every situation. 

In a region so negatively impacted by natural disasters, hope is sometimes all the station’s listeners have. “We are constantly bombarded by negative messages from most mainstream and social media platforms,” says Station Manager, Doug Mather. “It is often doom and gloom financially, politically and global health crises. All this wears people down.” One of their many endeavours to spread positivity is a number of initiatives that allowed them to give away $36,000 worth of gifts and prizes in December 2022 alone.

91.5FM is an unashamedly Christian radio station but they do not push the religious beliefs that underpin their station onto their listeners. The station uses a mixed format of music by both mainstream and Christian artists and is a family friendly alternative for their community. “We regularly spend time in the public space, Bunnings BBQ’s, RSL events plus various other public events. This gives us an opportunity to chat with many people who don’t profess Christianity but say they listen because of the positivity of our music and announcers,” says Doug.

The station’s breakfast program in particular is a positive and upbeat start to the day for many listeners. The program shares local news and events in a positive way. Additionally, the Coffee Break program is a chance to speak with local people about positive and practical things. “We specifically seek out music that speaks positively about life and times, we try to have a glass-half-full perspective,” says Doug. The team also uses their social media presence to share important news and community information to their followers.

91.5FM The Positive Alternative broadcasts on 91.5FM in the Gympie region of Queensland.

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