AAP Masterclass: Melbourne Health Series 2017

Luke Benedictus, Editor at Men’s Health – Pitching to Magazines.


For the past two decades, Men’s Health Magazine Australia has been the leading magazine on issues concerning men’s physical and mental health. With a readership of 526,000 (EMMA, June 2017), Editor Luke Benedictus has led the publication for 9 years, curating, sourcing and creating content.

At our sold out AAP Health Masterclass in Melbourne last October, Luke spoke on the major differences between pitching to magazines and news bulletins and his tips and tricks on press release best practice.

At Men’s Health Magazine Australia, he oversees the editorial direction of the magazine, website, social channels and brand extensions. During his years on the title and over 18 years of journalism experience, Luke has curated, created and sourced stories from both sides of the media spectrum, “I was once in your shoes, pitching to magazines for feature ideas”. Luke suggests tactics for those pitching to magazine publications.

He states “rather than instant and reactive news items, magazines and specialised publications will often have a Funnel of Content  – this funnel will focus on the varying issues that matter to the publication and are pulled out of the funnel, edited and moulded to fit foreseeable trends and topics of conversations.”


Probably the most useful thing I can get from you guys is tips from an expert. If you can supply us with reliable experts who have got quality information, that’s best. For example; Top 5 things you can do to lower your cholesterol.


Questions Luke answered at the AAP Masterclass

  • When and how do you prefer to be contacted?
  • How do you choose which information is worth a story/feature?
  • Where does your funnel of content come from?


Luke’s key tip when writing and pitching a press release to health magazines

Make it a simple and clear release – help the journalists and writer easily pull content from a release to be inserted into magazine speech/writing style. “i.e. top 5 things to do to lower cholesterol”



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