AAP Masterclass: Melbourne Health Series 2017

Katie Dower, Senior Producer at 3AW Radio


Starting her career in radio in 2006, Katie Dower is an experienced producer and  media content writer. Currently, Katie is the Senior Producer at 3AW. Katie’s passion for media has led her to produce award winning content for the Southern Cross Austereo, Nova Entertainment, Fairfax Media and more.  

Speaking at our sold our AAP Health Masterclass last October, Katie’s experience shone as she shared her frank and honest insights into how PR agencies, organisations and communication experts can elevate their press release for media pick up.


“I think first and foremost, you’ve got to be thinking about what your audience is at the end of it and how to make it entertaining and interesting for them, regardless of if it has facts/news or not.”


Questions Katie answered at the AAP Masterclass

  • When is the best time to pitch a press release for radio?
  • What role does social media play in your day?
  • What story would make you drop everything?


Katie’s key tip on how to best pitch your press release to radio stations:

Understand your audience; In this sense, what radio programs are relevant, which programs do the producers manage, when do the programs air (weekend morning versus afternoon drive by) etc.



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