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Let the data talk — data accuracy reaches an all-time high

27 June, 2024

In this day and age, data underpins everything that we do. From simply browsing the web to running (and reporting on) your own media campaigns, data must be accurate to be useable.

At Medianet, the accuracy of the data we provide is essential to the success of our clients. With over 25,000+ individual contacts and 12,000+ unique outlets, our database contains tens of millions of individual data points maintained with care by our in-house Research Team.

In order to maintain the accuracy of our data, we conduct a spot-check every 6 months to provide a data accuracy score (as a percentage from 0 - 100%).


How do we spot-check our data?

Our spot-check starts with creating a representative sample from at least 500 randomly selected contacts from our database. Our team then reaches out to each of these contacts individually to verify five core fields:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Twitter/X handle
  • Mobile number
  • Email address

During their reach-out, the team will update outdated data along with anything else that is not included as part of the spot-check.

Once we have checked the data for each of the 5 core fields, we tally up the accuracy individually and look at the average of these numbers to determine our overall data accuracy score.


How accurate is our data?

Our latest spot-check results indicate that our data accuracy hit an all-time high in H1 2024 with 99.4% accuracy, a 1.8% increase from H2 2023. The chart below shows the results of our accuracy spot checks over time since 2021.

Database Accuracy Score ChartIf you want to learn more about how we keep our data up to date, check out our previous article, 'Beyond the ‘little black book’: How AI and automation helps you stay on top of media contact rapid changes'.





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