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How to choose a press release distribution service or platform

06 September, 2022

Having a great story to share is just the start of getting good earned media, or PR. 

Once you’ve started preparing a press release or story you want to share, the next step is finding a great press release distribution platform to make sure you reach all the right newsrooms and journalists. 

Here are some things to look out for when choosing a press release distribution platform:

How much exposure will your release be getting? 

No journalist in the digital age is using just one platform to source their stories. To get as much exposure for your release as possible, it needs to be shared across multiple platforms and newswires

For example, every release distributed through Medianet is not only published on our SEO optimised News Hub, but also distributed via a direct newswire feed to the newsrooms of News Corp, Nine Entertainment Co and Australian Associated Press (AAP), and syndicated onto news websites including, AAP and The Australian. 

While you have the option to opt out of some of these platforms if they don’t suit your target audience, being able to distribute your release on such a wide range of platforms will help ensure you have the greatest chance of getting media pick-up. 

Will the service personally pitch your release to newsrooms and senior editors/chief-of-staff? 

Sometimes getting widespread distribution is not enough to make sure a press release reaches the desk of extremely busy journalists. Building trust and maintaining a relationship so that you can personally pitch relevant press releases to newsrooms takes time, so a good distribution service will do this for you. 

Everyday, Medianet personally pitches newsworthy releases directly to senior editors and chief-of-staff at leading newsrooms AAP, NCA Newswire and News Corp. As well as this, thousands of Australian journalists are signed up to our daily NewsMatch alert bulletin, where we share with them the top releases of the day. These services guarantee that if you have a great story to tell, it will reach the media.

Are there hidden costs for including digital assets such as photos? 

Visual and audio storytelling are bigger than ever, and including digital assets such as photos, infographics, videos and sound grabs are key to making sure your media release is compelling for newsrooms. 

When choosing a press release distribution platform, make sure you are free to include all these elements at no extra cost. On that note, it’s good to also check that there is no word limit or cost-per-word that could restrict your storytelling potential. 

Does the press release distribution platform have an integrated media contacts database and media lists? 

One of the biggest services a good press release distribution platform 

can provide is a comprehensive media contacts database. There’s no point having a great release ready to send but not having the data and contact details to reach the right journalists. 

When choosing your platform, make sure it has a rich and accurate database as well as detailed media lists so that story is seen by all the most relevant and influential journalists. You should also have the option to import your own lists and contacts. Find out more about choosing a media contacts database here

Can multiple users collaborate by accessing the same press releases/drafts? 

When crafting a great press release, collaboration can be key. If you’re working within a team, it’s very helpful to use a press release distribution platform which allows multiple users to log in and work on releases together or prepare different releases at the same time

Can you tailor your distribution plan to suit your company size and needs?

While features like the above may be great for large companies, smaller businesses or freelancers won’t necessarily be needing the same sorts of benefits. To avoid paying for features that you won’t be using, make sure your press release distribution platform has different subscription plans to suit different needs. These should be flexible and easily changed as your company or number of clients grow over time. 

Will you receive onboarding and reliable support to get the most out of the service?

The news agenda is so rapid that small hiccups preparing a release can sometimes be disastrous when it comes to getting media pick-up. To avoid this issue, ensure your press release distribution platform has great resources on best-practice, FAQs and troubleshooting, as well as dedicated and reliable customer support. 


For more information on how to get the most out of a press release distribution platform visit our Knowledge Centre or reach us at or 1300 616 813.

Medianet is the ultimate PR platform connecting you with media contacts and outlets to get your story told.

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