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PR Profile: SAAR Media Founder and Director Dav Lippasaar

24 August, 2022
You have an interesting background in the media, including having worked in LA as an Associate Producer. Could you please share some highlights from your career so far? PR Profile headshot-4

I had the privilege to work with the best in the industry, work on a Kardashian show, and even have P. Diddy as a boss. Fortunately, I got to gain the trust of A-Listers and even got to be invited into their social circles. On top of it all, this exciting 10-year journey from being a Hollywood producer to a Digital Agency Owner, has finally led me to SAAR's soul mission — to use our passion, talent, skills, resources, and connections to help business owners grow their brands, scale their business and finally fulfil their long-term vision.​ Nothing lights me up more than seeing our clients win. 

SAAR Media prides itself on successfully changing "trajectory" and increasing business during the pandemic. I was wondering if you could give us some insights on how you achieved this, and tips on being adaptable within an ever-changing digital landscape. 

Mainly because:

  1. We listen, care and share knowledge.

    We know the past few years haven’t been easy for our clients. Business owners have a lot on their plate. We know the many hats they have to wear as a business owner.​  THEN... throw in Covid. We get it! 

    Unlike many other marketing agencies, we don't hold back knowledge and we will only suggest what is best for our client's business instead of what'll give us the best profits. When our clients work with SAAR® Media, we become an extended part of their team. We don't just tell our clients what they should do, we listen to their challenges and help them identify their business gaps to collaborate with them in closing those gaps and then create a unique strategy to help them succeed.

  2. We adapt to our client's needs.

    Especially when Covid hit, we don't push services down their throats if the sole reason is getting more profits for them (and us). It's more than that. From the initial gaps and challenges identified and what our clients really wanted (at the time), we adapt to what they urgently need. It's about implementing strategies that will make our clients achieve long-term success!

  3. We create a safe place for our clients​.

    Sadly, there are still too many profit-driven agencies in the industry wrecking it for everyone. Many agencies saw Covid as an opportunity to snatch as much work as possible with the trend of moving everything online for your business. These agencies might have had a high turnover of short-term clients, but here at SAAR® our clients stick around for two plus years. I have devoted SAAR® to doing something differently by making it a safe space for business owners who are seeking help. A place for growth and inspiration, a place that demonstrates care, honesty, and integrity and builds trust for our clients to exceed their potential.

  4. We focus on our core Company values​.

    We believe in the following: 

    Continuous learning, and upskilling so we can improve our service offerings and align them with our clients' changing needs and challenges. 

    Diversity.  We aim to focus on bringing in various team members, clients, industries and interests into our Company to appreciate and be more open to different perspectives, experience, knowledge and culture.

  5. We love to give back to our community.

    We don't forget to give back. We have a passion for helping those in need and we are setting up more ways to serve the community we live in. We have impact goals and we're dedicated to smashing them.

    These five main reasons have attributed to our great success.


Could you tell me a bit about a recent campaign or you have worked on that has been particularly interesting/successful? 

We recently worked with a client whose gaps were a lack of sales and leads. In a nutshell, we worked on their low-performing marketing campaigns then optimised their brand awareness. 

In a short span of time working together, these are what we achieved:

  • From struggling to find leads for their 1x Sales Consultant to having to need to bring on another to convert the leads;

  • From having low-converting campaigns to hiring their own in-house marketing executive; we believe in setting business owners up to scale their business so they grow their profits, and their team;

  • Our client received an overwhelming number of daily leads from the campaigns. This allowed the Company to beat its industry cost per lead benchmarks; and

  • Marketing campaigns consistently achieved a minimum of 16.88% - 28.06% and a maximum of 58.95% conversion rate. (standard is approx. 10%).

What is something about digital marketing, SAAR Media, or yourself that you think people would be surprised to learn? 

We prioritise our clients' success more than our own profits. We don't hold back knowledge and only suggest what is best for our client's business instead of what'll give us the best profits. We're happy to over deliver as much as we can and give strategies away for free for the sole reason that we care about seeing our clients succeed. This helps us gain our clients’ trust, and this is the main reason why clients want to work with us.

We are the Winner of ‘Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency in Victoria’ 2022. We’re committed to making the world a kinder place and inspiring other agencies and businesses to do the same, a world where every agency's sole mission is to bring the right strategies to businesses so they can grow digitally, efficiently and consistently while freeing up their time. Endless opportunities are possible when you work with people who care.

We have a 90 per cent referral rate. Clients continue to refer us to their friends and associates in business because of the strong relationships we built. With businesses being sent our way time and time again by our clients, we are honoured and extremely grateful to scale at a faster rate. This is all thanks to our team here at SAAR®, where each team member is dedicated in doing their best and sharing their expertise to help businesses blossom into the most impactful businesses in their respective industries.

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