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5 metrics you need to track and manage your organisation’s media reputation

07 March, 2024

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Media coverage can sway public opinion, influence stakeholders, and ultimately shape the company's future. But in a world where news cycles spin faster than ever, how can businesses keep up with what's being said about them? More importantly, how can they draw actionable insights from the vast amount of information available? 

In this blog post, we explore the critical aspects of tracking your company's media reputation, focusing on key themes, sentiment analysis, key media sources, actively generated coverage, and key message cut-through. These are the 5 metrics you need to be using to track and manage your organisation’s reputation in the media.


Key Themes and Drivers of Reporting


Understanding the key themes surrounding your company in the media is crucial. It involves identifying the main topics of discussion and the drivers of these narratives. Ask yourself: What were the key drivers of reporting over the period? Did product launches, corporate milestones, or external events spark increased media attention? Identifying when spikes of coverage occur and the reasons behind them can help you align your media strategy with current trends and prepare for future coverage.

Key Themes Metric Example


Sentiment Analysis


Sentiment analysis offers a window into how your company is perceived by the reasonable reader. It involves categorizing media coverage as favourable, neutral, or unfavourable. But sentiment is just the start, it can then be used to break your data down further to tell an even deeper story. How do your key themes of coverage break down by sentiment? Tracking how sentiment fluctuates over time can reveal the impact of specific events or initiatives on your public image. Understanding these dynamics can help you craft strategies to enhance positive sentiment and mitigate negative perceptions.

Sentiment Metric Example


Key Media Sources


Not all media coverage is created equal. Identifying which journalists and outlets report on your brand—and how they do it—is pivotal. Analyzing which media types are more inclined to report on your brand can reveal valuable insights that may change who you target for media coverage in the future. Are you featured more in print and online than in broadcast? This knowledge allows you to tailor your media outreach efforts more effectively and build stronger relationships with key journalists and outlets.

Key media sources Metric Example


Actively Generated Coverage


A significant part of managing your media reputation involves actively generating coverage. This includes analyzing how much of your media presence is the result of efforts from a spokesperson, statements, or media releases. It's essential to measure the extent to which these activities neutralize potentially negative issues. A well-timed statement or media release can significantly alter the narrative, turning a potential crisis into a story of proactive management.

Actively Generated Coverage Metric Example


Key Message Cut-Through


One of the ultimate goals of media tracking is to assess the penetration of your key messages. How many of your organizational or campaign key messages appeared in the analyzed reporting? Identifying which messages resonate the most—and why—can guide you in refining your messaging strategy to ensure it aligns with your audience's values and interests.

Key Message Delivery Metric Example

By focusing on these 5 key metrics, businesses can navigate the ebb and flow of media coverage with confidence, turning insights into action and perception into reality.


This may sound like a lot, but the good news is that you don’t need to track your reputation alone. Our Media Reputation Report is designed around these 5 key metrics to help guide you through the media landscape to ensure your activities are generating as much impact as possible. Learn more about our Media Reputation Report and get your own here.


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