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Six ways to elevate your PR

29 June, 2023

Elevate topper


In our recent webinar, Onboarding and Customer Success Manager, Cindy Vuong, and Head of Marketing, Mercedes Carrin, showcased successful client campaigns and shared the key components that made them stand out. You can watch the webinar here or read the six key elements that can elevate a media outreach campaign.


Define success

When launching a PR campaign, it is important to define your objectives and identify how you will measure success. This can vary depending on your goals, whether it's raising awareness about your brand or delivering value to existing clients. Key metrics such as website traffic, inquiries, and sign-ups can indicate the effectiveness of your campaign. However, it's also crucial to acknowledge that some impacts, like content sharing on messaging apps, may be harder to measure but still contribute to success.



Craft compelling press releases

Press releases are a fundamental tool in PR campaigns, as they provide journalists with essential information about your story. To create an impactful press release, it's crucial to tap into news values that resonate with your target audience. News values such as impact, currency, timeliness, and prominence can help capture journalists' attention and make your story newsworthy. Additionally, including personal and pertinent quotes adds a human touch to your press release and increases its credibility.








Use embargoes

Embargoes  are a tool used to control the timing of news releases. When an embargo is in place, it means that certain information cannot be published or shared with the public until a specific date or time prominently displayed on the press release. Embargoes allow PR professionals to share advance copies of press releases or other materials with journalists, giving them time to prepare their stories. Don't be afraid of using embargoes to give journalists enough time to prepare ahead of important events or when they need to travel some distance to cover the story. Most journalists appreciate at least one day's notice.


Target the right audience

Identifying and targeting the right audience is key to maximising the impact of your PR campaign. Consider the demographics, interests, and geographical locations of your target audience when selecting media outlets, influencers, and brand partnerships. Utilize tools like media lists and media distribution platforms to reach your intended audience effectively. Additionally, leveraging social media and ad-driven distribution can expand your reach and target specific demographics with precision.





Complement PR with marketing campaigns

Integrating PR with marketing campaigns can amplify your brand's reach and enhance the effectiveness of your messaging. By aligning PR objectives with marketing goals, you can create a cohesive strategy that leverages both disciplines. For example, by repurposing PR content for social media ads, you can extend your campaign's reach and target specific demographics. The use of ad-driven distribution services can further boost your outreach and provide cost-effective options for reaching a broader audience.


Prepare a good spokesperson

There is a lot of work to be done when preparing a good pitch, but if your spokesperson is not available or not comfortable with the media, it might mean all that hard work goes to waste. It is very important to have your spokesperson be available for interview requests from journalists but to also prepare them with potential questions, even the hard ones or least expected ones.





By implementing these key components, you can elevate your media outreach campaign and achieve your desired goals. For more insights, tips and examples of successful client campaigns, be sure to watch the webinar here.

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