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Editor's Press Release of the Month: Budget aims for holistic approach to housing but is not yet on target

30 May, 2024

As the old adage goes, “first in, best dressed”, and it certainly holds true when it comes to the Federal Budget, or any major announcement for that matter, to get your press release out as soon as humanly possible. Master Builders Australia was among the 89 press releases distributed through Medianet for Budget Night, sending their response out at 8.05pm - five minutes after the Treasurer's Speech concluded. It is vital to get your press release out in a timely manner to ensure the media takes note and picks it up as secondary commentary for their articles. 



Headline/Opening Paragraph

Budget aims for holistic approach to housing but is not yet on target 

The headline is short and sharp, punchy enough to elicit further reading without being too harsh, and hones in on one of the hottest topics of the budget: housing. Setting up the first paragraph to go directly into quotes from the CEO Denita Wawn is highly recommended, especially for a reactive press release, as journalists would rather have direct quotes to pull for their articles, than generalised opinion. 



Using the Federal Budget as a springboard, Master Builders Australia further complements the press release by mentioning their recent research to offer potential solutions and areas of focus for the Government and policy makers to consider. 


PRO TIP - Timing

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to send out a reactive press release as soon as an announcement breaks to gain the media’s attention and ensure secondary commentary coverage. Sending a news release out a couple of hours or the next day after an announcement just doesn’t cut the mustard in the newsrooms, considering journalists are likely to have already written and filed their articles within an hour or two of a major announcement. 


Level-up Opportunity - Multimedia

Including an image of the person quoted in the text is an important branding tool for a press release and helps put a face to the organisation and prevents journalists having to chase you for a headshot.  

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