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Five great PR and marketing campaigns inspired by international events

07 January, 2021

Five great PR and Marketing campaigns

Important dates and events can provide a great backdrop or inspiration for PR and marketing campaigns. Here is a selection of some of our favourite recent campaigns based around big events and observances.

Also for campaign inspiration and to make sure you don’t miss out on joining key media conversations, we’ve put together a calendar with all of 2021’s significant events and dates.


Medianet’s Media Event Calendar 2021



1. The Mitey Battle

This well-timed campaign was implemented during the Ashes test in England, when UK media reported on Marmite handing out sample jars to Aussies at the cricket. Vegemite quickly took out a page in the UK Mirror with a response designed to ruffle English feathers, and consequently generate media coverage back in Australia.


2. Interstate food delivery

April Fools Day is always highly anticipated in the PR and marketing industries, but campaigns can be hit or miss. This simple but effective Virgin Australia video ad was lighthearted while still provoking reflection and commentary on one of Australia’s current most popular trends or services.



3. Draw an Engineer

This cute but powerful campaign by Jaguar Land Rover was launched on International Women in Engineering Day in June 2019, and is a great example of how brands can gain inspiration from even lesser known events and dates to build meaningful campaigns.



4. Quit Bugging Me

It doesn’t have to all be soppy and sentimental. El Paso Zoo in Texas tickled funny bones with their Valentine’s Day campaign, where locals were invited to name a cockroach after their ex, which was then fed to a zoo animal. The popular event was live streamed online and everyone who submitted names was encouraged to make a donation to the zoo.


5. Thank you for not riding

Finally, some of the best PR campaigns have come about as a reaction to an unexpected social trend or event. One great example is this touching ad by Uber about staying home in 2020.



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