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Speak the language of Journalists with our Newsroom Glossary

27 September, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-07-05 at 4.36.31 pmHave you ever heard a journalist refer to a ‘bulletin’, a ‘COS’ or a ‘grab’ and been a bit confused? Do you know the difference between a ‘press conference’ and a ‘news conference’? How about ‘off-the-record’ versus ‘background’?

Whether you’re an aspiring journalist or working in the PR industry, it’s important to have your head around the key terms used by the media in day-to-day work across print, digital, TV and radio. 

After all, while coming up with creative campaigns may be a lot of fun, much of the work that PR professionals do is simply liaising with journalists to get your story told. And it certainly helps if you can speak their language! 

Here’s a handy guide with definitions of all the key terms you will hear around the newsroom. 

Download the free Newsroom Glossary:


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