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Editor’s press release of the month | From heartbreaker to heart hero: Leading cardiologist says Taylor Swift could save lives

04 March, 2024

Press release of the month (6)-1

Every press release that flows through Medianet is seen by our in-house editorial team and on average, half of them are then pitched to major newsrooms across Australia for their newsworthiness. What makes these press releases so successful? And what makes the difference between getting your story picked up or getting left behind? 

In our new series, 'Editor's press release of the month', our Editorial Services Lead will break down one of the most successful press releases that month to help us understand how to make our press releases more impactful. This month's pick is a timely press release from Monash University.

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From heartbreaker to heart hero: Leading cardiologist says Taylor Swift could save lives
With light alliteration to capture the spirit of a Taylor Swift hit and an impactful punch at the end delivering an unexpected life-saving message - this headline is short, sharp and effective.



Linking Taylor Swift to cardiovascular health is no easy feat, but Monash University has proven why it was named Australia’s top research institution with this timely and clever release.



From the prominence of an international superstar, the impact of lifesaving CPR knowledge targeted towards a younger generation, the oddity of Taylor Swift as a new heart-health icon and the relevance, proximity and timing of the Australian leg of her world tour, this release encapsulates nearly all of the 7 news values that newsrooms look for in a press release.


Level-Up Opportunity 

While the graphic comparing Taylor Swift songs to ideal CPR tempo (included above) is a welcome inclusion, we recommend attaching images or graphics to the press release rather than embedded links to really catch the attention of journalists. (Image attachments are at no cost when distributing to Australia and NZ with Medianet).

Medianet is the ultimate PR platform connecting you with media contacts and outlets to get your story told.

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