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Outlet Spotlight: Destination Cyber

08 February, 2023


We hope to inspire new and upcoming students and people into the field of cybersecurity”


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35 years ago the term cybersecurity did not exist and the thought that we would need to protect ourselves from technology existed only in the realms of science fiction. Today, the cybersecurity industry is booming as individuals, organisations, and governments prioritise online security in the wake of high profile penetrations of vital private and public networks.


KBI Media’s podcast Destination Cyber pulls back the curtain on the murky and often misunderstood world of cyber. Through conversations with some of the top cybersecurity experts, the podcast aims to highlight hard-earned lessons for the benefit of both students in this field as well as anyone with an interest in keeping their digital world safe from unwanted intrusion. “The ability to develop an understanding of where mistakes can or have occurred is critical,” says host Lachlan Corne.


Inspiration for the podcast came when Lachlan was still a university student. He found himself exploring pathways into the workforce and found that there was an absence of clear information available to uni graduates in the cyber security industry. “Through my networking I managed to make contact with Karissa Breen (the Founder of KBI Media) to talk about opportunities in the cybersecurity industry,” says Lachlan. However, it soon became clear that the career information for aspiring cybersecurity professionals was sorely lacking. The pair began working together to solve this problem and eventually the Destination Cyber podcast was born.


Episodes so far have featured interviews with working professionals in the cyber industry and a deep focus into the subjects of penetration testing, specialised software development, and social technologies. These are complex conversations and Lachlan invests considerable time in the preparation of each episode. 


Multiple episodes of Destination Cyber have been released. Future episodes will continue to focus on different sub-fields within the industry. Destination Cyber is available on all major podcast platforms.

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