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Interview with Jacqueline Lunn, editor at Jetstar Magazine

16 August, 2018

jacqueline lunn - jetstar magazineJacqueline Lunn is a journalist, editor and novelist with over 20 years experience in the media. She has worked on publications such as Qantas Travel Insider, The Sydney Morning Herald, Mamamia and The Australian magazine.


What makes in-flight magazines unique?

What makes them unique is the access we have to great writers, storytellers and photographers. It’s very clear what an in-flight magazine does: it wants to share amazing travel experiences, and inspire people to get up and go. That positive exploration of the world is infectious.


What are some surprising things you’ve learnt about travel through your time at Qantas Travel Insider and Jetstar magazine?

That the most wonderful travel experiences always come back to the fascinating people you meet when you are far from home. People beat views and tall buildings any day of the week.


For a press release to grab your attention, what should it contain?

It should be personalised, and the subject matter should relate to what we publish in our magazine and digitally.


In your opinion, what makes a news item interesting?

When it moves, informs or shocks me.


What do you think a journalist should do or be to have influence in the media industry?

The journalists who have real influence play a crucial role in changing our institutions and systems through their careful reporting. The story comes first. They don’t huff and puff about something on social media and think: job done.

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