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Interview with Eden Cox, Editor at Executive Media

16 November, 2017

Eden Cox, Editor at Executive MediaEden Cox is an editor, a writer and an amateur archaeologist. She has been a magazine editor at Executive Media since 2010, and has worked on a wide range of publications for diverse niche markets. Traces magazine is her first nationwide consumer publication. Eden has a Bachelor of Arts in History and Creative Writing, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Editing and Communications from the University of Melbourne. In her spare time, Eden volunteers on archaeology projects in Melbourne and loves to visit historic sites around Victoria.

Traces is set to launch next month, what is the inspiration behind the magazine?

I’ve always dreamt of making a career out of combining my two passions, publishing and history. When I heard about the end of Inside History magazine, I thought it was a great shame to lose a magazine dedicated to Australia’s heritage. My team and I have big shoes to fill, and there are a lot of expectations, but we think Traces can stand on its own and inspire its readers to take more interest in exploring this country’s history, which is often neglected. We are excitedly preparing for our magazine launch party, to take place on 12th December at Mission to Seafarers in Melbourne. Tickets are free and can be reserved here.


What makes a press release stand out to you?

I’m interested in press releases with a genuine story to tell – something newsworthy that makes a difference to people’s lives – rather than those that aim simply to sell a product. I want to know how your research/news item/product is going to change the world! High-resolution images can seal the deal!


You’ve worked in a number of different roles covering a variety of topics. Was that by chance or design?

A little of both! The suite of publications at Executive Media is very diverse, and the company has been producing niche industry publications for decades, some of which I have started myself. I’ve enjoyed learning about and working in areas ranging from building and construction, design and hospitality, to biotechnology and travel! Traces, however, is much closer to my heart. The company’s foray into the consumer market has been a fairly recent move, but an exciting one that has resulted in the opening of a New York office last year, where travel magazine ROVA is produced. Traces is an important addition to our consumer offering.


What do you enjoy most about working in the media?

I love writing, and being able to share with other people the stories that I myself find fascinating. There are so many fantastic people, places and stories to discover, and there’s something really satisfying about bringing those stories to life in print – in a physical object that you can hold in your hands. An essential factor for me is the friendships I have made in my industry, some of which will last a lifetime.


Do you have a favourite story that you’ve worked on recently?

Yes, there are quite a few in the upcoming Traces magazine, but perhaps my favourite is a story I wrote on the history and archaeology of the ‘Little Lon’ heritage precinct in Melbourne’s CBD. I have been fascinated by this site since studying it at university and was lucky enough to volunteer in an archaeological excavation at Little Lon earlier this year. It will be wonderful to share my fascination with this part of Melbourne’s history with others who might share my interest!

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