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Interview with Amelia Adams, Senior US Correspondent, Nine News Sydney

31 January, 2020

Amelia Adams is a journalist, producer, TV news presenter, and will be starting as a senior US correspondent with Nine News Sydney in February. Amelia was most recently a Europe correspondent with Nine News and has been an occasional presenter on the TODAY Show, Nine Morning, and Afternoon News. Amelia tweets at  @AmeliaAdams9 .


When did you first decide you wanted to be a journalist?
As a little girl, maybe 8 or 9 years old, my parents let me stay up late once a week to watch 60 Minutes. I was hooked, and knew I wanted to tell stories for a living. I started writing short stories and recording daily “family news” bulletins on a tape recorder. I was in awe of the likes of Liz Hayes, Peter Overton and the late Peter Harvey and still pinch myself that these are my colleagues and friends.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

In the Europe bureau, no day was the same. I might be out very early in the morning London time crossing live into our 6pm news, then shooting or writing another news or feature story, then up late at night crossing live into the TODAY Show on a completely different story again. Or, I could have a quiet morning getting across the news of the day and taking my kids to nursery and school then suddenly be on a plane to somewhere in Europe or the Middle East for a breaking story. The US time zone will be much more manageable!

What is the most memorable story you’ve reported on?

The 2010 Christmas Island disaster. Fifty asylum seekers – including children – died when their boat smashed into rocks off the island. Islanders pulled their bodies from the water and tried to save them. The survivors told us harrowing stories of watching their children and partners drown. In the days following, huge riots broke out in the detention centres. It really changed my perspective on Australia’s asylum seeker policy at the time.

How has a press release added value to a story of yours before? Or how can they be improved to better suit your needs?

I’m always interested if new experts or voices in their field are quoted and made available for comment. I worry as journalists we fall into a comfort zone of using the same voices on the same issues over and over, so it’s great if a press release can offer a new or alternative voice or viewpoint.

Tell us what’s next for Amelia Adams.

In February, I’ll be starting in Nine’s US Bureau. It will be a huge change from my time covering Europe and the Middle East; although the Sussexes seem to have followed me so it looks like I’ll still be covering some Royal news! I’m particularly excited about being part of Nine’s 2020 US Election coverage, that’s a massive career goal I never thought possible.

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