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Outlet Spotlight: 1079 Life

08 May, 2023

Everyone needs hope and we want to give that gift to our listeners. 



Faith unites more than 2 billion members of the Christian faith worldwide, but at the Christian community radio station 1079 Life it is hope that keeps their listeners consistently coming back. The team has put the message of hope and the power of positivity at the forefront of everything they do at the station.

As with most other radio stations, it features a variety of programming across the breakfast, drive and night formats. But at 1079 Life the staff ask themselves an additional question every day when creating content: Is this positive? While not ignoring the big and often depressing stories of the day, the producers, presenters, and technical staff put a spin on every story and in a way that doesn’t focus just on the negative. “Without exaggerating I’ve had people ring up to tell me that things I’ve said on air have made them change their mind about ending their life,” says Aiden Grant, Assistant Content Director and Drive Announcer at the station.

1079 Life does not try to hide the strong Christian beliefs that underpin all that they do but they are also proud to admit that only about 50% of its listeners are people of faith. These numbers prove that in a world full of negativity and fear, people need hope now more than ever. “They [listeners] need a station that they know they can flick on and hear something that is going to make them feel good about themselves,” says Aiden. “Whether that be through the songs, the content on each show or my terrible jokes.”

This year will see the return of a number of shoes that have all been on the air for quite some time including Aiden’s own Aiden in the Arvo back for its 5th year running. The program has built a steady listenership over its time and is now the most popular slot for the station. For the year ahead Aiden promises much of the same hopeful content that has come before. “I can promise, there will definitely be more Snack Attacks, Payphone Pick Ups and my terrible singing in 2023.” 

1079 Life broadcasts on the 107.9 MHz Frequency daily in the Adelaide market.

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