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New Torrent 700 Cleans Large Machine Parts Five Times Faster

NCH ASIA PACIFIC have just announced the launch of the ‘Torrent 700’, a high-performance water-based parts-cleaning system for larger machine parts that is safe to use and kind to the environment.


Given the success of the Torrent 500 parts cleaning system, known as one of the best water-based parts-cleaning workstations on the market, industry has been demanding a system that can clean large parts without harsh chemicals.


The Torrent 700 is a bigger model, designed to deal with larger and heavier parts that do not fit standard parts-washing stations. Items up to 1020mm x 720mm x 500mm can be accommodated and it holds up to 80kg. Cleaning pressure is also variable with maximum 45bar or 652psi.


The fully enclosed design increases cleaning productivity with powerful cleaning results in minutes. In fact, the combination of heat and pressure from the Torrent System means the ‘Torrent 700’ works 5 times faster than other automatic machines and cleans where automatic machines cannot. It contains powerful corrosion inhibitors allowing safe washing of all metals and materials.


By reusing powerful water-based cleaning detergents called STORM, developed from NCH specially for Torrent application, the Torrent system eliminates one of the known dangers in the workplace—the inhalation and exposure to toxic and dangerous vapour from petrochemical solvents normally used in parts cleaning. As a fully integrated and enclosed unit, it prevents skin absorption of harmful hydrocarbons or from aggressive cleaning solutions, eliminates fumes and fire hazard, and decreases exposure to harmful chemicals.


‘Torrent 700’ eliminates the use of organic solvents and their environmental impact, and drastically reduces generation of hazardous waste, and meets the ISO standard.


All Torrents are maintained and serviced by NCH, which includes the maintenance and repair of the machine, and cleaning fluid management. To find out if the Torrent 700 is right for your business visit the website a or contact Caryanne at



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