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Interview with Toby Prime – Sports Reporter at the Geelong Advertiser

25 June, 2020

Toby Prime is a sports reporter for the Geelong Advertiser. He began his journalism career at the Sunraysia Daily before moving to Melbourne and joining the Leader Community Newspapers as the eastern sports reporter. Toby graduated from Deakin University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication majoring in Journalism. He tweets at @T_Prime2.

What made you choose a career in sports journalism? 
I was always interested in sports growing up and had an interest in news from a young age. It seemed obvious from when I was a kid to combine my two passions and I was always driven to make a career in the industry. Being raised in a small town in Victoria, everyone is into sport and once I made a few media connections, it seemed to progress from there.


Describe your typical workday.

Not sure if there is such a thing as a typical workday, which is what I enjoy about the job. There is a routine of working rostered hours but that’s about the only thing that is structured. Now working at the Geelong Advertiser, your day can change very quickly given it is a daily paper.


Which sports do you enjoy reporting on the most?

I enjoy all sports but mostly Australian rules, cricket and golf. Unless it involves a Western Bulldogs win, I enjoy covering the stories more so than the games themselves. Before my current role I covered local football and cricket in Melbourne for Leader, which was a thrill to cover community sport and what it means to people.


For a press release to stand out to you, what should it contain?

Must contain local content relevant to our readers. I traditionally don’t rely on press releases, but rather chase my own stories. 


What are some challenges your workplace has faced during the pandemic?

We have been producing a daily paper remotely for the past three months but we seemed to have adapted very well. Some think that because there is no sport it must be quiet, but there’s been no shortage of content and we’ve still had strong digital numbers. Some of the job losses across the industry have been very upsetting. My two previous employers – the Sunraysia Daily and Leader – have been significantly impacted and this was hard to take as I was given opportunities at those two mastheads.


What are you hoping to do the most once the restrictions ease?

Had a pub feed not long after they reopened so ticked that off pretty quickly. I think just being able to hang out in large groups with family and friends. Had a mate’s wedding that was cancelled as well so that will be good to celebrate next year.

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