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Journalist Spotlight | Interview with Tammy Moir, Editor at Happy Mag

09 April, 2024

In this Journalist Spotlight Interview, Medianet is joined by Tammy Moir, Editor at Happy Mag. In her interview, Tammy shares her love for the music industry and dives into what makes Happy Mag unique.


TammyMoirCan you tell me a bit about your initial experience in the music industry? What brought you to your role at Happy Mag?

Absolutely! So, I started out in the writing scene by contributing to the Huffington Post and landing a monthly column with Australia’s Women's Health Magazine. But music has always been the heart of my story, and I just love cheering on both the big bands and the emerging artists in the industry.

Happy Mag is like my creative haven, founded by my partner, Radi Safi. It's become a bit of a family business, with Radi's sibling, Tan, bringing their Creative Content magic. It's like working with a bunch of creative buddies, a perfect blend of writing and music-passion.


How has the proliferation of different social media platforms/services impacted the music/arts industry? How has Happy Mag adapted in covering these changes?

Social media has totally changed the game for artists connecting with fans and sharing their music. We're all about Instagram for artist interviews and live sessions, but we still believe in the written word's magic. 

Editorial pieces are like a musical magazine, giving bands something awesome to share. And of course, YouTube is where you'll find all our "Live From Happy" sessions and filmed interviews.


What facets or aspects of the music industry do you think deserves more coverage? 

Beyond the top 40 charts, there's a whole world of independent and underground scenes that deserve some serious love. Happy Mag is all about being the hype crew for these artists and exploring those unique subgenres bubbling beneath the mainstream.


What distinguishes Happy Mag from other youth culture publishers and tastemakers?

We're all about keeping it real and inclusive. Happy Mag celebrates diverse voices and perspectives, embracing the vibrant tapestry of youth culture. It's not just about what we love, but also giving a shout-out to emerging artists and vibing with bands big or small that we really dig. It’s always for love first.


As Editor of Happy Mag, what are your guiding principles in order to uphold Happy Mag’s promise to provoke critical conversation while remaining inclusive?

It's all about being open and respectful. We love diverse viewpoints and encourage a happy space for respectful debates. Our ethos is about lifting each other up and sparking genuine and loving conversations instead of spreading negativity.


Is there any upcoming work from you or Happy Mag that we should keep an eye out for?

We're super excited about our Live From Happy Sessions and filmed interviews. Stay tuned for some awesome stuff!


And lastly, what do you look for in content pitching?

We're all about fresh perspectives on the latest trends and under-the-radar stories in the music and arts scene. Strong writing and a clear understanding of Happy Mag's voice are essential.

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