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Outlet Spotlight: Fit and Full of It

15 February, 2023

We would meet up for a walk and we would talk the whole time and leave feeling so inspired and recharged for our day




Best friends and fellow fitness coaches Bec Hardgrave and Alex Hudspith are proving that health and fitness is not all fad diets and killer workouts in the Fit and Full of It  podcast from Podshape.


Bec and Alex would take regular morning walks together, finding their time together always left them feeling inspired and recharged for the day ahead and they wanted to share that feeling with others. “As fitness coaches, we both love motivating and inspiring people to show up as their best selves,” says Bec.


They both felt strongly about a podcast that cuts out the nonsense and gets straight to the point. “There is honestly so much misinformation in the media about fitness and health, so we really wanted our listeners to know how simple it is to make healthier choices within their day-to-day lives to feel amazing,” says Bec. “From eating chocolate and losing weight to the early signs of burnout and how to recover, no topic is off limits.”


Once they decide on a topic for a new episode they always do a deep dive into the relevant literature on the subject, including peer-reviewed studies, books, and well-sourced articles. But once they have that strong knowledge foundation, they will always circle back to their own learned and lived experiences to create a point-of-connection with their audience. 


It’s that focus on audience engagement that makes Fit and Full of It so distinct in their category. At the end of each episode, Bec and Alex ask their listeners with a question submitted by an anonymous social media follower. This idea originated as a weekly Sunday Confession feature on Bec’s Instagram, but she found that her followers were so incredibly responsive, and their answers were often accurate and always entertaining. “I think it’s an awesome way to connect with our listeners and make it feel like we are right there with them, talking over a few Friday drinks,” says Bec.


New episodes of the Fit and Full of It podcast drop regularly. 

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