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Interview with Simeon Thomas-Wilson, urban affairs reporter at the Adelaide Advertiser

28 June, 2018


Simeon Thomas-Wilson is the urban affairs reporter at the Adelaide Advertiser. Prior to that Simeon worked at The Mercury in Hobart where he was also the urban affairs reporter, winning best news story at the Tasmanian Media Awards and finishing as a finalist as Tasmanian Journalist of the Year and before that a sports reporter. He tweets at @Simeon_TW.




When did you first decide you wanted to be a journalist? 
When I was about 15, and I made the shattering realisation I wasn’t going to be a famous actor or a professional sportsman. I had a long think about what I enjoyed and what careers there might be and decided on journalism and have wanted to be one ever since.




You’ve changed from reporting on sport to urban affairs. What have been the biggest challenges so far?
Figuring out what actually are urban affairs. But in all seriousness just trying to explain some complex and potentially boring issues, such as planning, in an interesting way. Also dissecting council budgets, they love to hide a lot of things in there.




What is the most memorable story you’ve reported on this year? 
I really enjoyed the Tassie 2022 story we did in Hobart, looking at the opportunities for the next four years for the state. Since I’ve been in Adelaide, I’ve helped one of my many excellent colleagues on how the under-siege Local Government Association of South Australia was going to give its board a pay-rise, while also applying for payroll tax exemption. However, I’m hopeful this won’t be my answer come the end of the year!




Have press releases been useful for you to get your bearings in Adelaide?
Sometimes in terms of generating stories, but more so in actually finding out the background from different sides on issues, who are the key players and people to contact.

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