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Interview with Ruby Teys, morning presenter at Kinderling Radio

12 July, 2018

Ruby Teys - Kinderling Radio Ruby Teys is a children’s presenter on Kinderling Kids Radio, presenting the morning show called Gather Round with Groovy Ruby. In 2016, she joined the station as a traffic coordinator and copywriter. Ruby is a familiar voice to Kinderling listeners, having hosted the station’s Together Time program for a year. Her Twitter handle is @RubyTeys.


What are the joys of working in children’s radio?
I think it’s the colourful imagination that you can call upon to create joyful creative content. All the wonderful sounds and language you use to engage children is so much fun, and you have more room to play with ideas.



What pressing issues currently faced by children are not getting enough media coverage?
I think the closing down of many wonderful public libraries around Australia that have hosted wonderful kids activities over the many decades. As always, there are many pressing issues around children in poverty, in seeking asylum and children being stripped of their precious cultures.


What are some surprising things you’ve learnt through your time at Kinderling Radio?
How powerful a wonderful soundscape is in telling a good audio story, and how far the imagination can stretch.



What’s the most offbeat idea you’ve come up with for radio, and how did it turn out?
Explaining to our audience via our Together Time program how to dance around the room like a unicorn. I feel as though we are coming up with or tackling a new wacky item every week, that’s why it’s so challenging and rewarding.


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