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Interview with Rebecca O’Hearn, Founder of Smart. Casual. Classic

02 August, 2018

Rebecca O’Hearn is the founder of Smart. Casual. Classic. Beginning her career in men’s lifestyle, she worked as an editorial assistant and fashion and grooming editor at FHM Australia. After taking some time off to have her first child, she returned to work at weekly publications such as Woman’s Day. During that time, she worked on the launch of Yours magazine and was fashion editor across both Woman’s Day and Yours. Rebecca launched Smart. Casual. Classic after having her second child. Rebecca O’Hearn is the founder of Smart. Casual. Classic.



How did the idea for Smart. Casual. Classic. come about?
I had always wondered why there wasn’t an online lifestyle offering for the mature demographic. People seem to think women have stopped caring, or that they simply weren’t online, which is completely untrue. Everyone wants to feel like the best version of themselves, and whose mum isn’t on Facebook?


What’s proving the most popular part of Smart. Casual. Classic.?

It’s a 3-way tie between street style photos of stylish women over the age of 45; Style Stories, where we ask prominent Australian women to talk about their style evolution; and the Your Local section, where we profile popular boutiques in country towns.



How have press releases helped you to get your bearings on the beauty and fashion industry?

Press releases are vital in beauty; as we have become more socially aware, the details within a fashion press release matter more than ever. There are a lot of beauty buffs out there, so a press release can’t get ingredients incorrect or misrepresent results, and facts about ethical sourcing or organic fabrics can give great weight to a fashion feature if they are included in a release.



As a stylist, what common beauty and fashion mistakes did you see women making?

My pet peeve is an ill-fitting jacket, however, I don’t necessarily notice mistakes. I notice great style more, and I love seeing someone in their 60’s or 70’s looking really put together. If you can see it’s a conscious, coordinated outfit from shoes to the scarf, I find myself smiling and giving a nod.


Which current fashion and beauty journalists have the most influence on your industry at the moment?

Focusing purely on the over 50 demographic, there are popular women on Instagram (Sarah Jane Adams is a favourite) but most of their followers are young girls who admire their style. That is great, however, Smart. Casual. Classic. is about showcasing fashion and beauty on a variety of women over 50 FOR women over 50.

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