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Outlet Spotlight - AusBiz

18 June, 2023

We are drilling down into which medium our readers enjoy the most


AusBiz Media


With screen fatigue rising, there has been a minor renaissance of sorts in print magazines, with multiple, print-first publications launching in the last few years. Sensing an opportunity, multi-platform publisher Publishing ByChelle launched the physical edition of the AusBiz business news website (, at investment event provider, Mines & Money Shows. 

Since its inception in 2017, Publishing ByChelle has been publishing two publications, AusBiz and TrulyAus. TrulyAus, originally titled True Blue, is Rex Airlines' inflight magazine. “Rex’s passengers are a mix of business and leisure travellers,” says Michelle Hespe, Publisher and Marketing Manager at TrulyAus and AusBiz. “It was about adapting what I knew worked – and what passengers wanted in terms of content – and applying it to what we do now.” 

Michelle launched AusBiz as an inflight magazine in February 2018, alongside her Deputy Editor, Emily Riches. “We gathered the best content from the previous few months and compiled it all in the sections we’ve always covered,” says Michelle. “Business, finance, tech, mining, agriculture, property, charity and the environment. Our sub-editor Claire Hey smoothed out the copy, and our designer Ryan Vizcarra did an awesome job of making flow well visually, with a similar look and feel to what we already do. Basically, we chose stories that we think readers in Rex lounges and select hotels will enjoy. Not too hard-hitting, but all Australian, all timely, and all covering interesting topics.”

Publishing ByChelle also has an AusBiz Newsletter that is sent out to 150,000+ recipients. “We are drilling down into which medium our readers enjoy the most,” says Michelle. “And then we can focus our team’s energy on the most popular verticals and the best platforms for them.”

Since the company's inception, the team have been passionate about creating stories that matter. As a small business that was hit hard by Covid, Publishing ByChelle collaborates with other small businesses to help them succeed too. “We’ve covered everything from why organic wines haven’t taken off in Australia, to talking about menopause in the workforce,” says Michelle. “We actually just partnered with Menopause Alliance Australia, to help empower women before, during and after menopause. We’ve covered the mining boom, finance advice during uncertain times and how it is linked to the pursuit of happiness. We’ve dived into the fruit fly infestation, the issue of feral cats and foxes, and how to teach young people to be leaders, and others targeting homelessness” says Michelle.

The AusBiz biannual magazine launched on Thursday, June 8. It is currently available in four Rex lounges (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane), at Mines & Money events in Sydney and Melbourne, and select hotels.

AusBiz is in no way affiliated with the ausbiz live streaming show (ausbiztv pty ltd).

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