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Outlet Spotlight: Astrology Coach

16 May, 2023

There's a lot happening in the cosmos this year, and we can expect to see these celestial effects reflected in world events and in our personal journeys.


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When Kellie Riordan learned that almost 31% of all Australians take a serious approach to horoscopes and astrology, she saw a gap in the market. 

As a Director at Deadset Studios, a consultancy that specialises in audio storytelling, Kellie was confident that the podcast format was the ideal format for delivering astrological content to a 21st-century audience. Bringing on board professional astrologer Natasha Weber as host, they began to integrate cutting-edge podcast tech to create a tailored audience experience. “You get a new card every time you listen, and what you get could be different to your friend who is listening at the same time,” says Kellie, discussing their repurposing of dynamic ad-insertion technology to deliver listeners personalised tarot card readings. “It's a unique offer and we don’t think it’s been done anywhere in the world before.” 

For Natasha, the podcast is the result of years of rigorous study, countless client consultations and a refined understanding of the nuances of astrology. The Astrology Coach podcast aims to assist listeners in utilising the benefits of these ancient practices into their everyday lives. “Many people hold an oversimplified view of astrology, believing that it consists of 12 zodiac signs and that they fit into one of those 12 categories,” says Natasha. “But in reality, astrology offers so much more. As an ancient observational science, astrology possesses a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to all aspects of life.”

Natasha grew up with a mother who was a clairvoyant and she was always intrigued by what lies “beyond the veil”. However, it wasn’t until after she became a parent herself that she felt compelled to take her spiritual interest to another level. “I was looking for a subject that offered formal training and substance, and that's when astrology came into the picture,” says Natasha. “The blend of mysticism and numbers fascinated me, and in fact, my second year of study ended with a 4-unit mathematics exam.”

But as Natasha started to find answers to her questions about life’s big “why”, the more she wanted to know. “Now, my passion purpose is to bridge the gap between popular sun-sign astrology and academic astrology. I firmly believe that astrology delivers the depth of understanding, insight and healing that the world so desperately needs right now.”
The Astrology Coach podcast can be found on the IHeartPodcastNetwork with new episodes released twice weekly, Mondays and Fridays. 

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