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Journalist Spotlight | Interview with Economics Correspondent for The Canberra Times, Adrian Rollins

26 January, 2023

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Adrian Rollins recently joined The Canberra Times as an Economics Correspondent, adding to an impressive list of industry insight that includes the Australian Financial Review and The Age.


Medianet sat down with Adrian to talk about his career and share his experiences.


You're currently working as an Economics Correspondent for The Canberra Times and have extensive industry experience across an array of publications. Can you tell me a bit about your beginnings in the media industry? 

I started in journalism at the Melbourne Herald when it was an afternoon newspaper. Working there gave me an excellent grounding in the craft. We had to work to four daily deadlines and I learnt early on the importance of speed and accuracy. I also learnt that journalism attracts some very colourful characters.


Did you always want a career in journalism? 

No. It was on my radar but so were many other possible careers. Fortunately, it got in first (I would have made a very poor professional golfer).


What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

Covering the global financial crisis, when so many assumptions about markets and the economy were thrown into disarray. It was challenging and exciting. Also, the day I found out I didn't have to do any more death knocks.


What is a commonly held belief of your job that you disagree with? 

That every journalist has a political barrow to push. A few do, but most reporters try to be fair and professional.


What perspectives and stories do you want to see more of, or highlighted, in the industry? 

There is much more to be done on the influence that industries, businesses and some individuals seek to exert on the government. Difficult stories to do but very important. And more on professional cycling please.


If you could go back 5 years, what advice would you give yourself? 

Stock up on toilet paper because a global pandemic is coming.


Where do you see yourself in the future and where would you like your work to take you? 

In the future I see myself sitting at a desk or kitchen table in front of a lap top. In terms of location that could be just about anywhere (as long as there's reliable electricity and internet and a safe water supply).


Any upcoming work we should keep an eye out for? 

Yes. Subscribe to The Canberra Times and find out.


What are your pitching preferences? 

Research and reports on the Australian and international economy.

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