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Three in Five Aussie Males Admit to Sending Sexual Content on Snapchat

Snapchat: Let's talk about sex

-       62% of Aussie males using Snapchat admit to ‘sexting’

-       One in five females have used it for sharing sexual content

-       Females more prevalent Snapchatters

Sydney – 5 June 2014: Three in five Aussie males who use the photo-messaging app Snapchat admit using it to send sexual content compared to one in five females, a survey from independent Sydney advertising agency The Works has found.

Since launching in 2011, Snapchat has struck a chord with social media users who want to share pictures and videos that automatically delete after up to ten seconds. And on Tuesday this week Apple announced its new iOS 8 has a new messaging system allowing video and audio messages to be set to self destruct similar to Snapchat.

The online survey of 4000 respondents found that a quarter of all those on Snapchat have used the service for ‘sexting’ friends, lovers or potential admirers, with 62% of males saying they have used it for sharing sexy posts.

But while sending naughty and naked pictures and videos is a popular pastime for Snapchatters, the leading type of content shared is ‘funny and silly’ images and video, followed by images of ‘friends and family’. The ‘selfie’, which has become a social media staple is the third most popular content type for Australians with our love of  ‘food and drink’ making the fourth most common content to share.

The survey also found that almost half (47%) of Snapchat users were aged between 16 and 25, with 34% of 16 to 19 year olds claiming to use the app on a daily basis.

Females are most prevalent users of Snapchat (61%) with more of them sending Snaps on a daily basis than males.

The average number of friends a user has on Snapchat is between one and ten reflecting its intimate nature and use as a means of distributing sexual content to targeted friends.

Douglas Nicol, creative partner and director at The Works said: “Snapchat is the social media weapon of choice for 17-25 year olds. It’s easy to think it’s just another Instagram, but actually Snapchat mashes up messaging and content more like text messaging than traditional newsfeed style social media.

“Snapchats are sent to a very small group of close friends as opposed to the publishing to 260 friends on other channels – this also addresses the privacy concerns of this age group. Brands need to look beyond just Facebook and understand the next generation of communication style, typified by apps like Snapchat.

“Social video such a Snapchat, Vine and Instagram Video is marketing Viagra. It allows social sharing, content and messaging meaning brands can have a one-to-one relationship with consumers.”

Last month Snapchat revealed users were sending 700 million photos and videos a day worldwide. Website estimates there are 1.07 million active users of the free service in Australia.

Snapchat hit the headlines last year when it was claimed that social media giant Facebook had offered a reported $3 billion to buy the business.

The Snapchat results are part of the latest research into how Australians use social media and what it means for brands carried out by The Works in association with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) called the Datafication project. This year it looks at the rise in popularity of social video services such as Vine, Instagram Video and Snapchat.


 For more details on how Aussies are using social video across Snapchat, Instagram Video and Vine please visit the ‘Secret Life of Social Video’ Datafication site

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