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Vitracore G2 cladding reinstated in the UK

Independent product and process testing has resulted in Britain’s Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) and the UK’s Trading Standards department rescinding a request for the suspension of sales of Vitracore G2 in the UK.

While Vitracore G2 was never banned - despite reports wrongly speculating otherwise - the product’s UK distributors, Valcan, responsibly withdrew the G2 product after offshore tests sponsored by a competitor cladding product claimed an anomaly in Vitracore G2’s composition.

Vitracore G2 manufacturer, Fairview Architectural, welcomes the product reinstatement. 

However, it is concerned by a process which allowed a competitor manufacturer to call Vitracore G2’s propriety into question, while a non-standard component test singled out Vitracore G2 only for suspension and a full quality assurance review.

Vitracore G2 remains one of the most tested cladding products on the market.

Manufacturer of Vitracore G2 - Fairview – welcomes the fact that extensive independent testing has effectively resulted in the reinstatement of the Vitracore G2 panel in the UK market.