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Turn your story into news with our online press release distribution service. Access over 1,000 specially prepared media lists with direct publishing access to the editorial systems of journalists across Australia.



The best media campaigns start with the best media database. Build and manage your own media lists and relationships with access to over one million media contacts worldwide through Australian Associated Press (AAP) Newswire.



Medianet's 360 degree approach will ensure your release appears on multiple channels and can be sourced by tens- of- thousands of interested journalists, authors and end-consumers.

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Download: Content Calendar

You spend a lot of time creating relevant and compelling news releases and content. Download Medianet's content calendar template to help you stay on top of your content strategy.

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Download: Press Release Template

A newsworthy story will only be taken seriously by journalists if the press release has been properly prepared. Read tips and download Medianet's press release template to get it right...

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Infographic: Eight key ingredients

All media releases are different but they share eight basic but fundamental ingredients in common. Medianet's infographic reveals how to craft the perfect media release

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