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Service Levels

Know what to expect



Response time

Time-sensitive release distribution issues

A critical issue on the platform is impacting the distribution of time-sensitive press releases

Up to 1 business hour

Critical core functionality

Customers are not being able to complete core functions on the platform and may need assistance from the Medianet staff:

  • Customers cannot create and/or submit a basic press release
  • Customers cannot transact online
  • Prospective customers cannot create a new account.
  • Customers cannot cancel a ‘held’ press release.
  • Customers cannot login to the platform with their correct credentials.

If no workaround is available by Medianet staff, this is then considered critical.

Up to 2 business hours

Cancellation and editing of press releases on hold

To cancel a press release on hold on your behalf we require at least 30 minutes' notice before the hold time.

Note: To edit a press release that is on hold, customers can cancel the release on the platform and make the changes, or make use of the Draft functionality.

Up to 2 business hours

Assistance with distribution of non time-sensitive press releases

Platform issues impacting non time-sensitive press release distributions

Up to 4 business hours

Multimedia News Releases

The Medianet staff will create all MNRs once all content is received and approved.

Up to 4 business hours

Secondary functionality issue

Issues affecting delivery/publication of press releases to non-email channel integrations.

Eg. Wire, website and content syndication

Up to 4 business hours

Login requests

Adding, editing or deleting user logins (if customers cannot add/remove users in the system)

Up to 4 business hours

Data research and database enquiries

Advice on retrieving contacts from the database, database features or functionality

Up to 4 business hours

Outgoing International release setup

Distribution to international partners

Up to 4 business hours

Contract setup

Contract processing and setup

Up to 1 business day

Non time-sensitive issue

Issues that are not time-sensitive, including:

  • Platform issues impacting non time-sensitive distributions
  • General questions about press releases in the future (distribution advice/options)
  • Issues affecting customers being able to view their sent press releases or email analytics

Up to 1 business day

General support questions and request

Issues where customers require assistance, including but not limited to:

  • Domestic/international distribution queries or quotes
  • Invoice/billing enquiries
  • Usage/quota enquiries
  • Accounts/billing-related enquiries.

Up to 1 business day

Online release edits

Assistance from Medianet staff to edit the online version of a submitted press release

Up to 1 business day

Platform demonstrations

Medianet PR Platform demonstration and/or training from a Medianet Customer Support representative

Up to 1 business day

Phone enquiries

Enquiries received via phone call

As received. The actions following a phone call will be determined by the type of issue as per above.

  • Business hours are defined as Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm Sydney time (On the Go, Starter and Pro)
  • Extended business hours are defined as Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm Sydney time (Enterprise)
  • Response time does not necessarily determine a resolution time
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