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Climate change sounds predict impact of extreme weather

Monash University
Plans to 'sonify' weather data could lead to new audible warning systems for communities vulnerable to extreme weather events, putting musicians at the forefront of the fight against climate......
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New report on performance of NSW healthcare system released

Bureau of Health Information
Embargoed until 00:01 - Wednesday 29 August 2018 The Bureau of Health Information (BHI) has today released its annual performance report benchmarking healthcare performance in NSW against......
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National Rural Health Alliance
27 August 2018 MORRISON'S MINISTRY - WHERE IS RURAL HEALTH? The Ministerial line-up announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison has a glaring omission. At a time when great swathes of rural......
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Painaustralia welcomes Greg Hunt reappointment

Painaustralia welcomes the appointment of Hon Greg Hunt MP to the role of Health Minister under Prime Minister Morrison's Ministry. CEO Carol Bennett said Painaustralia looks forward to continuing......
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New study reveals why women take sexy selfies

UNSW Sydney
Women take sexy selfies to compete with other women and climb the social ladder in economically unequal environments, new research suggests. A new UNSW study has revealed the science behind sexy......
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Overcoming knee pain with the help of a digital twin

Scientists use computer simulations of joint and muscle movements to teach us to exercise smarter For immediate release, Monday 27 August 2018 Researchers have developed computer simulations of......