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UNSW celebrates science at the Sydney Science Festival

UNSW Sydney will host events and talks across Sydney in August for the Sydney Science Festival and National Science Week. A virtual dive into Australia's hidden reefs, an expert panel on latest......
Science & Medical

Grattan Institute report fails to understand private sector

Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA)
The latest Grattan Institute report on private health insurance shows a complete lack of understanding of the contribution of the private health sector to Australian health care, says Australian......
Science & Medical

Maternal secrets of our earliest ancestors unlocked

Monash University
See stunning artist impression with credit. New research brings to light for the first time the evolution of maternal roles and parenting responsibilities in one of our oldest evolutionary......
Science & Medical

Taking multiple medicines - how to stay on top of your medicines

NPS MedicineWise
Taking multiple medicines - how to stay on top of your medicines With a new study out today showing more people than ever are taking multiple medicines, NPS MedicineWise has four useful tips for......
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Baby blue-tongues are born smart

Macquarie University
Australian research finds little lizards learn very quickly. Young Australian eastern blue-tongue lizards (Tiliqua scincoides) are every bit as clever as adults, researchers have found....