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Pub Choir with the Paralympians

As part of their post-Games hotel quarantine program, the Australian Paralympic team, together with the incredible team at Pub Choir, have created this inspiring version of the song Unwritten.

The Pub Choir sessions were part of an extensive and contemporary quarantine support program for athletes implemented by Paralympics Australia which included psychology, allied health sessions and experiential therapies such as art therapy and Pub Choir.

The quarantine support program has been described as ‘gold standard” by mental health experts (see attached release).

The song, Unwritten, performed by the 2020 Paralympic Team (in 2021) will forever be a historic memento of a Paralympic Games like no other.  A Games that took place a year later than planned, a Games marred by Covid-19, and a Games that required all Australian participants to hotel quarantine once they arrived on home soil. So, sing they did. 

Click here to see the song Unwritten, performed by the Australian Paralympics Team and Paralympics Australia in hotel quarantine.  Produced by the amazing team at Pub Choir.

For more information, contact Suzanne Tobin on 0438 776 624