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Paramedic industrial action on Budget day

Paramedic industrial action on Budget day

HSU paramedics will again only attend the most urgent, life threatening emergencies for 24 hours on State Budget day, June 22, as their pay dispute with the State Government intensifies.

NSW paramedics are the worst paid in the nation and are the most likely to suffer illness and injury. Despite dealing with COVID, fires and floods, last year they were awarded only 0.3 per cent wage increase. This year’s 1.5 per cent pay offer is less than inflation.

“Our paramedics are seeking a very basic pay rise that allows them to do their job with dignity and respect. This is modest, affordable and very well deserved," said Gerard Hayes, HSU NSW Secretary.”It’s not like they’re not trying to get rich.

“The Government needs to urgently address this problem because it is staring down the barrel of a staff retention crisis. Paramedics can cross the border into Canberra and earn several hundred dollars more per week.  NSW taxpayers should be alarmed by this. We are spending hundreds of thousands to train and equip paramedics only to lose them interstate because the Government won’t pay a decent wage.

“A modern paramedic keeps people alive and well, using incredibly complex skills. The early intervention by our paramedics is saving taxpayers millions of dollars each year, by averting longer hospitalisations and preventing more serious illness and injury. For some reason, Treasury is blind to these extraordinary productivity benefits.

“We are confident the Treasurer is increasingly aware of the value of our paramedic workforce. But we need to see  proof in the form of a decent wage deal. Until that happens, our campaign will continue.

“This action is being flagged in advance and is  designed minimise impact on life threatening emergencies. It can of course, be averted completely if decent pay offer emerges before Tuesday.”

Contacts: Gerard Hayes 0417 275 821 Nick Lucchinelli 0422 229 032

Regional contacts:

Illawarra: Anton Jemsek 0457 303 993

South Coast/Riverina: Mick Grayson 0422 299 401

Northern Rivers/Mid North Coast Steve Fraser 0438 682 683

Hunter: Mick Callinan 0417 434 049

Central West: Lani Faruggia 0458 238 236

Tamworth/Armidale: Brian Bridges 0407 903 240