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Australia's 2021 Eucalypt of the Year is Eucalyptus salubris or 'Sexy Gum'!


Tuesday 23 March

Australia’s 2021 Eucalypt of the Year is Eucalyptus salubris or ‘The Sexy Gum’!

Australia’s favourite eucalypt has been chosen! Across the country over the last month, almost a thousand Aussies cast their vote for their favourite gum.   

The 2021 winner is Eucalyptus salubris, also known as a Gimlet Gum, or joorderee by the Ngadju people. It has also been coined ‘Sexy Gum’ by the University of Melbourne’s Dr Michael Whitehead who believes “our imaginations need not be held hostage by the stubborn colonialists” who named it the gimlet gum.

“The people have spoken - and they’ve chosen a species that is both splendid and endemic to the largest unfragmented temperate woodlands left in the world: the Great Western Woodlands in Western Australia,” said Linda Baird, Eucalypt Australia CEO.

“The Great Western Woodlands is home to 20 per cent of our continent’s plant species and is doing more to protect our biodiversity than any other region in the land. It’s known as a global biodiversity hotspot. 

Eucalyptus salubris has bronze bark that shimmers and is known to change colour throughout the day in the changing light. It really is a sight to behold.

“92 species from across Australia got votes, out of the nearly 900 species of eucalypt. It shows that beauty is subjective and all Eucs have a special place in our hearts.”

“The Eucalypt of the Year is a way to celebrate all that these trees do for our ecosystem, our wildlife and our cultural identity.

“The iconic Lemon-scented Gum, Corymbia citriodora, has taken out second place. It’s one of only two eucalypt species with lemon-scented leaves, which contain the essential oil citronellal. It grows naturally in woodlands and open forest in central and north Queensland, and can grow up to 45 metres tall. 

“In third place we have Eucalyptus regnans, known as the Mountain Ash in Victoria or Swamp Gum in Tasmania. This species holds a lot of tall tree records – it’s the tallest of all eucalypt species, and holds the current title for the tallest tree in Australia, with the Centurion tree standing 100m tall near Tahune in Tasmania,” says Linda. 

Eucalypt Australia is a grant-making charitable trust that focuses on eucalypts. Remember The Wild is Australia’s first nature connection charity, working closely with Eucalypt Australia to engage the broader community on the importance of eucalypts. 

All quotes in media release are attributable to Linda Baird, Eucalypt Australia CEO.

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Linda Baird biography:

Linda became the Chief Executive Officer of Eucalypt Australia in 2020 and has been working with the Trust since June 2014 in an accounting capacity. She loves hiking and scouting and enjoys learning about all things eucalypt. Linda can speak about the work of Eucalypt Australia, its origins, purpose and community.

“Without a doubt my vote goes to the Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus Regnans).  I have beautiful memories of family picnics amongst these amazing giants in Sherbrooke forest in the Dandenongs. Whenever I return they draw me into a space of adoration, admiration and cool, calm peace.”