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Google's egregious threats prove regulation is long overdue

Chris Cooper, executive director, Reset Australia: 

“Today's egregious threats show Google has the body of behemoth, but the brain of brat.

“When a private corporation tries to use its monopoly power to threaten and bully a sovereign nation, it's a surefire sign that regulation is long overdue.

“Internet search is necessary for society and the economy. Google enjoys the enormous advantage of being a giant in the space, but thinks it can eschew the responsibility. That's just not how things should work.

"Google runs a service that is enmeshed in the day-to-day running of society. Energy companies, transport companies, logistic enterprises – all are heavily regulated and respect that this is part of their license to operate.

“The Australian Government needs to stand firm and set an example for governments around the world.

“In democracies it is the people who set the rules for corporations, not the other way around.”

Contact: Chris Cooper 0403 353 621 / Anil Lambert 0416 426 722