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Victorian solar industry crisis meeting calls for immediate easing of COVID restrictions



Victorian solar industry crisis meeting calls for immediate easing of COVID restrictions


A crisis meeting of the Victorian solar and battery storage industry, called today by the Smart Energy Council, unanimously called on the Victorian Government to ease COVID restrictions in metropolitan Melbourne and allow the solar and battery storage industry to safely return to work.


“The solar industry has effectively been shut down under Melbourne’s COVID-19 lockdown. The industry is on a knife’s edge, with companies closing, jobs being lost and enormous mental health stress,” said John Grimes, Chief Executive of the Smart Energy Council, a peak national body for the solar and storage industry.  


“The solar industry has a strong commitment to public health and safety and we know the industry can operate in a COVID-safe, contact free manner. We have worked closely with the Victorian Government in developing a detailed roadmap for COVID-safe operations.” 


“With power bills rising, we want to help Victorians slash their cost of living. We just need to safely return to work.”


The solar industry crisis meeting unanimously endorsed the following resolution:


On Sunday, the Premier must announce the safe and immediate restart of the solar and battery storage industry in metropolitan Victoria, with the following conditions in place for the installation of solar and solar batteries in occupied premises until the next subsequent easing of restrictions:


·    1 solar and/or battery installation per installation crew per day

·    Each site requires a stand-alone COVID safe plan


·    Solar workers cannot enter customers’ homes 


·    All correspondence needs to be done online or at a safe distance 


·    Maximum install team of 4 people and a minimum of 3 


·    Work teams of 3 or 4 will stay as a work team until further easing of restrictions


·    No movement between metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.


More than 120 people attended the crisis meeting, which was called at short notice.


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