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School Strikes for Climate

MEDIA ALERT: Perth students and activists demand a clean energy future, not a gas-fired one at Woodside Business Breakfast

MEDIA ALERT: Perth students and activists demand a clean energy future, not a gas-fired one at Woodside Business Breakfast

WHAT: high school students and climate activists with colourful banners taking part in the School Strike National Day of Action 

WHEN: Tuesday 22 September, 8am

WHERE: Perth Convention Centre, 21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth

Ahead of the Fund Our Future Not Gas National Day of Action, young people in Perth will rally today outside a closed business breakfast led by Woodside CEO Peter Coleman, protesting the Federal Government’s cash splash for gas and Woodside’s plans to expand gas fields across WA.


The #FundOurFutureNotGas day of action is quickly becoming the most widespread day of action against gas in Australia’s history, with hundreds of actions. The day is being organised by the School Strike 4 Climate network, as well as First Nations communities, unions, and everyday Australians in response to leaked plans revealing that PM Morrison is considering giving billions of Covid-19 recovery funds to gas.

“Gas is a dangerous fossil fuel that’s fuelling climate change,” says school student Pia O’Flynn, year 11, one of the organisers of the rally “Companies like Woodside have made billions of dollars polluting our atmosphere, but now that their business model is failing, companies want the public to underwrite their failing projects.

I want our Federal government to make responsible choices and invest in clean technology of the future. Renewables are the cheapest form of energy and they would create thousands of new jobs for young people like me. Spending public funds on polluting gas isn’t just a waste of money - it’s putting our safety, our future, and our climate at risk.” 

Another Perth School Striker, Amy Teune, year 10 added “Here in Western Australia we have the potential to create 200,000 clean jobs in a range of industries ranging from construction, to tourism, to aged care and farming - jobs that drive down climate pollution and make WA a fairer, safer and cleaner place to live and work. 

“We know all too well here in WA the influence of the gas lobby on our politics. For decades, companies like Woodside and Chevron have used donations, lobbying and advertising to further their own agenda - now we’re seeing it at a Federal scale with the gas lobby demanding taxpayers foot the bill for their failing industry.”

This action is the prelude to the September 25th: Fund Our Future Not Gas National Day of Action will see the School Strike 4 Climate network and First Nations communities join forces with thousands of Australians to take on the powerful gas lobby, demanding that the Federal government rule out spending public money to expand the dangerous, financially unstable gas industry.

For more information on the National Day of Action visit:

For more information or interviews please contact Kelly Albion on 0422 636 775 or Anthony Collins in Perth on 0404 753 404 

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