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Airborne multi-platform electronic warfare project arrangement

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The United States Department of Defense and Australian Department of Defence have established an international agreement concerning the cooperative development of Airborne Multi-Platform Electronic Warfare capabilities (AMPEW Project Arrangement).

Personnel from the United States and Australia are continuing to engage daily to develop technologies under the six year agreement.

Head of Air Force Capability, Air Vice-Marshal Cath Roberts AM, CSC said the agreement builds upon the long history of close collaboration.

“The AMPEW Project Arrangement establishes a cooperative project to jointly design, develop, test, and demonstrate dynamic multi-platform electromagnetic manoeuvre warfare resource allocation management (EMW RAM) tools and decision aids,” Air Vice-Marshal Roberts said.

“The primary objective is to decrease aircrew cognitive workload and automate Command and Control of manned and unmanned EW systems from stand-in to stand-off ranges.

“The Project Arrangement serves as the mechanism under which the United States Navy and Australia are executing the EMW RAM Coalition Warfare Program project and Future Naval Capability.

“This is a partnership between Naval Air Warfare Center, Weapons Division Office of Naval Research; Naval Air Systems Command; Royal Australian Air Force; Australia’s Defence Science and Technology Group; and Industry for both the US and Australia.”

The parties will jointly undertake studies to identify future cooperative development opportunities directed toward increased airborne multi-platform EW capabilities.

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