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Global Homestay Alliance (GHA)

New Alliance to Deliver Superior Student Accommodation Experiences Across the Globe

BRISBANE, Australia – 2 July 2020: The world’s best standards-based student homestay and accommodation providers have come together to form the Global Homestay Alliance (GHA).

The Alliance's mission is to deliver the highest quality experience for students based on accountability, system integrity, transparency, personalised services, safety, insurance and 24/7 professional support.

GHA spokesperson, Julie Manche, said the Alliance shares a commitment to global industry standards and advocates for student wellbeing in all aspects of the study journey.

“More than two decades of combined industry experience has enabled the Global Homestay Alliance to provide solutions and services that respond to demand for safe, welcoming and affordable accommodation for international students,” Ms Manche said.

“Members of the Alliance are dedicated to developing programs that foster positive mental health, encourage diversity and create local support networks for students while they live and learn overseas.

“Our goal is to maximise the student experience for students of all ages through world-class standards, technology and best practices,” she said.

The founding members of GHA – the Australian Homestay Network, American Homestay Network, AmeriStudent, Canada Homestay Network and StudentRoomStay International – are recognised as industry leaders, with a demonstrated commitment to student wellbeing and experiences that lay the foundation for academic success.

Members of the Alliance also have established connections with thousands of education providers, agents and industry bodies who represent students around the world.

GHA is actively exploring opportunities to expand into other destinations markets. 

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Julie Manche - Spokesperson