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Coated spherical graphite for lithium-ion batteries

Archer Materials Limited (“Archer”, “Company”, ASX:AXE) is pleased to announce that natural flake graphite from the Company’s 100% owned Eyre Peninsula Graphite Project (“EPGP”, “Campoona”) has been successfully used to produce coated spherical graphite (Image 1) and tested in proof of concept lithium-ion battery cells. The EPGP mineral resource is located approximately 220km northwest of Adelaide, South Australia.


  • High-value coated spherical graphite (“CSG”) is produced using natural flake graphite from Archer’s 100% owned Eyre Peninsula Graphite Project. 

  • CSG materials successfully tested in lithium-ion battery prototypes with enhanced performance in-line with industry benchmarks for CSG anodes.  

  • Archer to pursue downstream partnership and development opportunities with lithium-ion battery manufacturers, graphite processing options, and high-value graphene and graphitic materials.

Coated spherical graphite (“CSG”) is one of the highest value-added processed forms of flake graphite concentrate used in the lithium-ion (“Li-ion”) battery industry (see Background and Market). A commercially available amorphous carbon material was used to coat Archer’s spherical graphite (95% and 99%+ concentrates from Campoona) by applying industry accepted methods and the CSG performance tested in Li-ion battery coin cells in half-cell configuration i.e. only the performance of the CSG in the anode was tested. 

Commenting on the development, Archer CEO Dr Mohammad Choucair said, “Graphite is a mineral categorised by many world economies as ‘critical’ and important to their long-term economic growth and supply-chain security. We have demonstrated high-value graphite materials can be developed from Campoona and are relevant to the growing global markets serviced by lithium-ion batteries, including electric vehicles and portable electronics.

“As a materials technology company, we believe securing critical mineral assets in Australia, like our 100% owned EPGP graphite resource, is a good economic decision, and through successful development could return maximum benefit to shareholders and the community.

Image 1. Scanning electron microscope images of a region a sample of CSG produced from Campoona graphite.

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