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Queensland early learning centres on the brink of collapse

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Thursday 26 March, 2020


Queensland families in dire need of support


Queensland early learning centres on the brink of collapse


Government called on to provide an urgent lifeline to children, parents and educators that poses no additional costs to the taxpayer


Media interviews with the leadership of the Australian Childcare Alliance Queensland available now


Over 400,000 Queensland’s parents are facing the immediate (and potentially permanent) collapse of early learning (childcare) services, as providers fight to keep their doors open for the sake of the 300,000 Queensland children and the 25,000 educators who care for them.


Early learning services are deemed safe places (by the Chief Medical Officer) for young children and educators, with exceptionally high levels of personal hygiene practices, that were in place already.


Thirty percent of Queensland parents who rely on these services work in healthcare and emergency services. In one centre, there are 80% of parents who need to be on the healthcare frontline.


As a first step, the Federal Government must immediately allow providers to waive the gap fees (on average $100-$200 p/w) that parents must pay (at no additional cost to taxpayers) and continue to fund their places with the Child Care Subsidy (CCS). If this doesn’t happen now, these vitally important services will be forced to close, with a mass lay off of educators. 


Many of these services, the backbone of the economy, will not be able to return once the crisis passes.


The leadership of ACA Qld are available for media interviews today.


President:                  Majella Fitzsimmons            0410 526 136

Vice President:          Jae Fraser                              0408 873 492 

CEO:                           Brent Stokes                         0408 339 220


NB: Jae Fraser can be interviewed at Little Scholars Ashmore centre. This is the centre with the majority of healthcare workers.  



ACA Queensland is the peak body for early learning services. It represents over 850 early learning (childcare) services, employing 13,500 educators, who educate and care for around 180,000 children of over 245,000 parents in Queensland.