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Gardens & gardening playing a vital role

The importance of gardening to people’s health and wellbeing is a critical factor during the ‘stay at home’ ruling by the Federal Government during the Coronavirus (COVID19) crisis.


The Nursery & Garden Industry of South Australia (NGISA) advises that the vast majority of independent garden centres are continuing to remain open during this difficult time to ensure that people can garden at home.


“Gardens and gardening have been shown in research to be important to people’s mental health and wellbeing so they can play an important role in helping people to cope and get through the Coronavirus situation,” says the President of NGISA David Eaton.


“There has been a considerable increase in sales of vegetable seedlings over the last two weeks, as people look to growing their own and our grower nurseries have actually increased production to meet this increased demand.”


At the moment garden centres continue to remain open and are strictly observing the rules of hygiene and social distancing as required.


The industry nationally has asked that the Federal Government recognise that production nurseries and garden centres be listed as essential services because of the role they play in providing a food source and they largely operate outdoors. Landscapers were also included as they are greenlife installers.


Plant research from around the world was summarised by the RMIT University and the University of Melbourne in Victoria has shown clearly that plants are good for our health and our happiness.


“These are two good reasons for people to do some gardening now and stay at home,” said Mr Eaton.


Plants inside increase air quality and the mental health benefits of plants, such as improved mood and concentration, and indirect benefits such as productivity and positive social behaviour increase significantly when there are a number of indoor plants inside our homes.

In outdoor spaces such as yards and courtyards, plants have limited ability to improve air quality, however, a good array of plants will improve wellbeing significantly.

“The sanctuary of garden in the home is now more important than ever and we will continue to help people grown their own food and enjoy greenlife in and around their own home wherever possible,” Mr Eaton added.

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David Eaton, ph 0417 876 020 or NGISA Communications Manager, Neville Sloss, ph 0414 562 010