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Urgent action called to support Australian family-owned businesses

As many Australians face very real challenges of self-isolation and social distancing in light of the ever-changing Covid-19 situation, it’s important to be aware of the many ways we can play our part to help boost the local economy.

Approximately 70% of all businesses in Australia are family owned and operated [1].  With over 50% of the Australian workforce employed by a family business, Family Business Australia (FBA) is encouraging consumers to think about Australian family businesses when shopping for goods and services.

Greg Griffith, CEO of Family Business Australia, says “Family businesses are the backbone of the economy and statistics show that 75% of consumers trust family businesses[2]. Therefore it is important, now more than ever to tap into these trustworthy businesses. It’s time to come together to support Australian family-owned businesses and there are many ways buyers can do that”.

Australians are renowned for sticking together during hardship and difficult times. Below are ways which FBA believe you can help.  

Search the ‘We are family owned’ directory

What do Bundaberg Brewed Drinks, Wittner, Coopers Brewery, Haigh’s Chocolate, Kennards Hire, A.H. Beard and La Porchetta all have in common? They are all family-owned Australian businesses. 

There are over 1,000 family owned Australian businesses listed on the’ we are family owned’ directory. From building services, education and training, food and beverage, manufacturing, transport and viticulture to name just a few, there is a family business to suit your needs. Browse the extensive catalog of brands here > 

Look for the Family Owned Australian Business Emblem

Buying from a family owned Australian business can make a significant difference not only for the business but for the entire Australian economy. Many of these businesses are pillars of their local community and employ over half of the Australian workforce. Plus, when you spend with an Australian family owned business, you are helping to keep people employed and the wealth in your country.

Look for the Family Owned Australian Business emblem on products, websites and signage and shop locally where possible.

Like, follow, share

The power of social media knows no bounds and there are many ways to support family businesses – digitally.

An online footprint as simple as a like, comment, follow or share may seem small, but it can increase promotion of a brand dramatically. Connecting with and endorsing brands online can increase its reach to other users on their news feeds and discover pages. This is free, user-driven marketing that can create new customers for these businesses. 

Purchase a gift card to use later

Working from home, cancelled events and self-isolating measures indicates that consumers are rethinking their social activities, food sources and shopping habits. Buying a gift card to family owned shops, restaurants or stores is an immediate way to inject cash into the business. This will help keep these businesses afloat for a while to ensure they are still there to enjoy after this is over.

Self-isolated? It’s never been easier to shop online

It comes as no surprise that 80% of Australians shop for goods and services online.[3] Regardless of whether you are self-isolating or unable to purchase what you want from your nearest store, it has never been easier to buy the goods and services you need through various online platforms. 

These are just some of the ways you can support the family businesses who truly are the backbone of the Australian economy.

What is Family Business Australia?

Family Business Australia (FBA) is the peak membership body for family businesses in Australia.

FBA serves over 3,000 family business members and advisors and understand the vital role they play in the global economy. Their main aim is to empower family owned Australia businesses and provide the tools necessary to thrive in the future.


For more information please contact:
Lou Hill  | National Senior Marketing Coordinator
Family Business Australia
Phone:  03 8582 4864     


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2.2019 Edelman Trust Barometer