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IT'S OFFICIAL - Beston's Parmesan Named "CHAMPION" and Beston's Vintage Black Wax Vintage Named "PEOPLE'S FAVOURITE" at the 2020 Australian Grand Dairy Awards

IT’S OFFICIAL: Beston’s Edwards Crossing Parmesan Cheese Named

“CHAMPION” at the 2020 Australian Grand Dairy Awards, with Beston’s Edwards Crossing Black Wax Vintage Cheese Named “WINNER” of the Competition’s ‘People’s Choice Award’



·         Beston Global Food Company has ‘kicked off’ the 2020 Dairy Industry Awards’ Calendar by receiving two major awards at the prestigious annual Australian Grand Dairy Awards, held late last week in Melbourne - boosting Beston’s total Dairy Industry awards’ tally to 119


·         The significant number of awards are reflected in the Company’s growing levels of cheese production and revenues


Move over “Australia’s Best Cheddar Cheese” and make room for “Australia’s Best Parmesan” …this won’t be difficult as they both come from the same ‘family’.

Beston Global Food Company (ASX: BFC) has just received another two major awards – in fact, it really doesn’t get more significant when it comes to awards bestowed upon an organisation within the Dairy Industry…and BFC’s Master Cheesemaker, Paul Connolly, could not be prouder.

“It’s an absolute honour and privilege to be awarded these accolades – I classify this as one of my ‘career highs’ and it’s testament to the consistent level of quality products produced by our team of talented Cheesemakers”, said Mr Connolly.

The Chief Executive of BFC, Jonathan Hicks, supports Mr Connolly’s reference to “consistent quality”, given that these awards bring BFC’s Industry Awards’ tally to 119 – and within a very short period of time.

Mr Hicks said, “it was less than a year ago when BFC’s Vintage Cheddar Cheese was awarded the “Christian Hansen Cup” (aka “Australia’s Best Cheddar Cheese”), for the second time in the three years by the Dairy Industry Association of Australia - and now to receive the title of “Champion” by Dairy Australia and overall ‘Winner’ by the Australian public, is quite simply an endorsement of BFC’s stature in this space”.

The Australian Grand Dairy Awards was established in 1999 by Dairy Australia to recognise and reward excellence and innovation in Australian dairy produce, as well as acknowledging the achievements of the “highly skilled, pioneering people who produce those products” (Dairy Australia).

“To even qualify to enter this awards’ competition is a year-long process in itself, with entries comprised of only gold medal-winning products that are made from Australian milk”, said Mr Hicks. “This means that all nominees have already been through rigorous judging processes at Australian State-based qualifying competitions within the year leading up to the prestigious annual Australian Grand Dairy Awards. Once you get to this stage, the board is wiped clean and everything starts from scratch - and so the process begins again…only this time it’s between the ‘best of the best’ cheeses in their respective categories, and even the public get to have their say as well”.

Further to the significant number of Industry awards received to date, BFC has featured in InDaily’s South Australian Business Index every year since listing on the Australian Stock Exchange late 2015. This Index identifies and showcases the state’s top 100 most successful local companies. BFC was also named amongst the top 25 winners of the 2019 Fast Movers SA Awards; a significant achievement based on sustained revenue growth for a company which only started operations four years ago. 

The endorsement of ‘consistent premium quality’ cheese and overall company achievements reflected by all these awards have, importantly, also been reflected in the significant increase in the production and sales of BFC’s cheeses over the past year.

At its Annual General Meeting on 28 November, 2019, BFC noted that the Company’s sales revenues had increased to $84.8million in 2018-19 (up by 77% on the previous year) and that cheese production was likely to double to around 11,200MT in 2019-20.

Mr Hicks said. “Our sales network now covers domestic retail, foodservice and ingredient customers, based across all mainland States with both retail and foodservice dairy goods covered within our international trading operations.

“A lot has been achieved over the course of the last 12-18 months to continue to drive BFC’s transition of its core dairy and meat businesses from start-up phase to a commercially sustainable enterprise. From the dairy perspective, BFC will continue its focus on making premium quality products, guided by Paul Connolly and produced with the highest quality milk from South Australian Dairy Farmers. We’re already looking forward to seeing what our awards’ tally will be at the end of this year,” Mr Hicks said.



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