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New QLD port restrictions on ships from China help stem virus fears

7 February 2020 

New QLD port restrictions on ships from China help stem virus fears


Tighter restrictions on ships from mainland China entering Queensland ports announced yesterday in response to the spread of the coronavirus will be welcomed by port workers and communities, CFMEU Mining and Energy said today. 


Workers at coal ports had been concerned about the lack of measures in place to protect them from exposure to potential infection, said CFMEU Mining and Energy Queensland Vice President Shane Brunker. 


“With the focus on air travel, the ports up and down our coast had been left exposed,” said Mr Brunker. 


“Yesterday’s announcement that any ship which has departed or transited through mainland China must not enter a Queensland pilotage area for 14 days is welcome news. 


“It is a sensible measure in the circumstances. It gives Australian port workers the confidence that the situation is being taken seriously and it means that Australian and overseas crew won’t face restrictions coming ashore, because they will have finished their period of quarantine.


“The Federal Government should take the same approach to provide certainty to port workers around the country.”


The new direction was provided yesterday by Maritime Service Queensland to captains of all ships in Queensland waters.

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