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Art on Fire

Art on Fire

Media Release

15th January 2020

Art on Fire

In this time of grief and devastation, collaborating artists from all over Australia have donated extraordinary works of art to bring community together to experience ’Art on Fire’ with all proceeds going to the RFS and Wires.

Art on Fire features works of art donated by prominent artists from all over Australia such as Graeme Stevenson OAM from the TV show ‘Put Some Colour in your Life’, Xavier Ghazi past winner of the Bald Archy, Susan Skuse, Fiona Groom & many other incredible artists from around Australia.

Sandy Bigara StarViking is an International Mezzo Soprano and composer and will be debuting her third studio album "NATURE" at the opening ceremony of the Art on fire event. Each of the album's songs have gone to number 1 in Australia, and top 100 globally across all genres on the reverbnation online charts - out of 3.5million artists. Sandy is known for her soaring vocals and her Bel Canto coloratura training and her style is likened to Enya, Aurora, Mogli and Sissel, and recently received an unexpected encouraging message from Shawn Mendes! 

Art on Fire will be held at the Uniting Church 24 William St Hornsby NSW on Friday 24th January 4-9pm (entertainment starts at 6pm with recording artist Sandy & Saturday 25th January 10am-6pm. Art works are available for purchase or by silent bidding.

Art on Fire promises to be an extraordinary event that brings art appreciation to a new and exciting level along with helping community and our support to a wonderful cause and our artists.

Quick Stats

-          There has never been an art event like this before of this magnitude and high quality of artists

-          This event is completely free

-          Artworks are available for sale or by silent bidding.

-          This is a community event

-          All proceeds go to the RFS and Wires

-          Food is available at the event

-          The Uniting Church Womens Group are organising the event

-          Art is flooding in presently and some of it international with artists keen to contribute their art work. 

-          This is a 2 day event.

Press Contact Info :         Lynda Garside
                                      Mobile 0403 155810

Or                                    Vikki Jackson