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Bilingual media release - Sydney welcomes the world to 2020

Sydney will welcome a new decade with a symphony of light, colour and Australian sounds as part of the world’s best New Year’s Eve party.

The sky above Sydney Harbour will be illuminated by a stunning pyrotechnic display and an attempt to create the brightest lighting beam in the southern hemisphere for the first time.

A Calling Country ceremony will welcome the world to Gadigal land, as Lord Mayor Clover Moore is presented with a symbolic message stick to accept on behalf of Sydney residents and visitors.

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The Lord Mayor said NYE 2019 would be the most choreographed show to date, with fireworks, lighting and pylon projections set to an all-Aussie midnight soundtrack for the first time.

“The Sydney New Year’s Eve show is our gift to the world. It’s about saying welcome to Sydney and welcome to 2020 – to locals, visitors, migrants, refugees and more than one billion viewers across the globe. 

“Our creative talents in pyrotechnics, lighting and music have come together to create a spectacle that reflects what our beautiful city is all about.

“The Sydney Harbour Bridge will light up to create the brightest beam in the southern hemisphere, while our world-famous fireworks ring in the new year.

“Our New Year’s Eve celebrations are about showing the world what a welcoming place Sydney is and celebrating the culture of the Gadigal people, the original custodians of our land.

“Sydney’s world renowned New Year’s Eve fireworks have become a major tourist attraction and each year, they generate more than $130 million for the NSW economy.”

Fireworks director Fortunato Foti has worked on every New Year’s Eve since 1997 and relishes the challenge of finding innovative ways to ring in the new year.

“To celebrate the start of 2020, the audience will be treated to a ‘pyrotechnicolour’ extravaganza with more than 100,000 pyrotechnic effects,” Mr Foti said.

“These include colour changing stars, stained glass designed shells, glittering willow effects and ‘pyrograms’ producing 2D shapes.

“Pyro mine letters spelling out ‘Sydney’ will fall from the bridge as we countdown to midnight.

“The fireworks will be launched from seven different barges around the harbour, as well as the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge.”

Lighting designer Ziggy Ziegler said the attempt to create the brightest beam in the southern hemisphere was a bold, new approach for Sydney New Year’s Eve.
“We’re installing a series of high output, low power light sources on the Harbour Bridge that will link up to create a stunning beam shooting up into the sky,” Mr Ziegler said.

“Our Harbour of Light show is also back, connecting crowds around the harbour with the action through a stunning light show on the water and across the whole eastern face of the bridge.

“The combination of our brilliant lighting with the fireworks and pylon projections will create a stunning spectacle that will dazzle people across the globe.”

The Lord Mayor announced the Refugee Council of Australia as the City of Sydney’s official charity partner for New Year’s Eve, launching 2020 as the year of welcome.

Refugee Council of Australia CEO Paul Power called on Sydneysiders to take one easy, fun action every month in 2020 to welcome people of refugee backgrounds into their community.

“We will be creating a movement of welcome, from the bottom up. On the eve of the new decade, thousands of Australians will send a message to the people who have sought safety in Australia to let them know that we’re delighted they’re here,” Mr Power said.

The Lord Mayor said all of Sydney had been deeply saddened by the tragic impact of the bushfires, and pledged to use New Year’s Eve to help raise money and awareness for those in need.

“Sydney New Year’s Eve unites people from all over the world with a message of hope for the year to come.

“I appreciate the calls people have been making to cancel our New Year’s Eve fireworks in light of the bushfires.

“Rather than do that, we will harness the enormous power of the event to raise more money for the Australian Red Cross’ Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

“We encourage all people who visit our city on New Year’s Eve and those watching at home to donate to the Red Cross disaster relief and recovery fund via our online fundraiser.”

The City of Sydney has already donated $620,000 to drought and bushfire relief, and will provide trucks, staff and other in-kind support to assist emergency services with recovery and clean-up efforts.

To donate, visit

Sydney New Year’s Eve event times:

7pm                 Fire tug presents a water display on Sydney Harbour

            Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony on Sydney Harbour by the Tribal Warrior Association

8pm                 Air display above Sydney Harbour by flying ace Matt Hall Sydney Harbour Bridge pylon projections start

8.30pm            Sydney Harbour Bridge lighting effects start

9pm                 Family fireworks (8 minutes) including the ABC’s Design Your Own Firework competition firework display

9.08pm            Calling Country segment honouring Australia’s Indigenous heritage

9.15pm           Harbour of Light parade

12am               Midnight fireworks (12 minutes)

2am                 Sydney Harbour Bridge pylon projection and lighting effects end

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For interviews with Lord Mayor Clover Moore, contact Jack Begbie.

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For New Year’s event information, visit the Sydney New Year’s Eve website.




      为了表达对澳大利亚土著民族渊远文明的崇高敬意,悉尼市市长Clover Moore将代表悉尼市民和游客,在《土地的召唤(Calling Country)》仪式环节接过一根象征承载原住民不朽文化的信息棒(message stick),以此形式欢迎世界各地的人们来到悉尼土著民族盖蒂高民族所在的这片乡土(Gadigal land)。


      市长称,2019年悉尼跨年庆典(NYE 2019)不但会为观众们奉献火树银花的表演、姹紫嫣红的灯效、幻境十足的投影等经典保留项目;还准备首创先河,在午夜烟花喷射天际的刹那推出全澳风格配乐,这将是我们迄今为止最精彩的寿山之作。



      “在举世瞩目的烟花挥别旧岁的同时,悉尼海港大桥(Sydney Harbour Bridge)顶部将点亮南半球最亮光束。”



      庆典烟花表演总指导福尔图纳托·福蒂(Fortunato Foti)自1997年以来就是跨年庆典烟花表演的幕后英雄,且为能给迎新焰火表现力不断推陈出新而感到自豪。



      “在午夜辞旧迎新的钟声敲响之际,悉尼海港大桥上空会同时迸发出‘S Y D N E Y’字样烟花。”

      “除悉尼歌剧院(Sydney Opera House)和海港大桥外,当晚烟花还会从水面7艘驳船直射星空。”

      悉尼大桥彩光特效(Sydney Harbour Bridge Effect)设计者吉吉·吉格勒(Ziggy Ziegler)认为利用冲天光束,以求缔造南半球最闪耀跨年史诗是创新、大胆的壮举。


      “海港之光”灯船炫彩大巡游(Harbour of Light)也会在当晚回归悉尼海港,以东桥面和水面上交相辉映的斑斓灯光秀与现场人群互动,让整座海港大放异彩。

      “跨年夜三大元素 —— 光彩夺目的灯光、玉树琼花的烟火和惊才绝艳的投影 —— 三者完美交融,会为观众们带来绝伦体验。”

      悉尼市市长宣布,本届跨年庆典,悉尼市政府的官方慈善合作伙伴机构为非营利组织澳大利亚难民委员会(Refugee Council of Australia),以此标志2020年为代表欢迎、包容、接纳和认可的一年(the year of welcome)。

      澳大利亚难民委员会总裁保罗·鲍尔(Paul Power)号召悉尼市民在新年里的每个月都能为拥有难民背景的人做点什么,用切实、快乐的方式欢迎他们融入这个社会。

      他说:“我们将自下而上掀起一场全民欢迎运动。在这迎接崭新十年段的跨年夜,成千上万的澳大利亚人民都将向那些流离失所来澳寻觅安定生活的人们表达一个信息 —— 我们欢迎他们。”




      “我们虽然不能取消跨年庆典烟花表演,但可充分利用这场庆典的强大影响力,为澳大利亚红十字会救灾复原基金(Australian Red Cross’ Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund)筹款。”





晚7点            消防拖轮悉尼海港水上表演

晚7点30分        部落战士协会(Tribal Warrior Association)在悉尼海港奉献澳大利亚土著民族传统仪式《欢迎来到这片土地(Welcome to Country)》和烟熏礼

晚8点        王牌飞行员迈特·豪尔(Matt Hall)在海港上空表演扣人心悬的飞行特技

晚8点30分        悉尼海港大桥桥身彩光特效表演开始

晚9点                 家庭烟花表演,总长8分钟,澳大利亚广播公司ABC电视台举办的“跨年庆典设计个性烟花比赛(Design Your Own Firework competition)” 获奖作品将在该表演中当空闪耀。

晚9点08分         《土地的召唤》 —— 对澳大利亚土著民族渊远文化、历史和文明的崇高敬意

晚9点15分         “海港之光”灯船炫彩大巡游

午夜                           午夜烟花汇演  (总长12分钟)

凌晨2点           悉尼海港大桥桥墩外墙幻彩投影表演和桥身彩光特效表演结束

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