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"Proposed amendments to the Fair Work Amendment (Ensuring Integrity) Bill reaffirm its central focus is squarely on those who deliberately and repeatedly break the law," Denita Wawn, CEO of Master Builders Australia said. 


"The amendments tabled today retain the overarching focus of the Bill is only on those who repeatedly do the wrong thing and confirm that there will be no effect on the overwhelming majority of registered organisations who play by the rules and comply with the law," she said. 


"Master Builders Australia CEO Denita Wawn said “The Ensuring Integrity laws have always been about making sure any organisation who repeatedly breaks the law, be it employer organisations or unions, are held to account for their conduct," Denita Wawn said. 

“These amendments make this abundantly clear and back what we’ve been saying – there will be nothing to worry about if you play by the rules," she said. 


“It doesn’t matter who they are – there is never any reason for an organisation to deliberately and repeatedly break workplace laws to represent the interests of its members," Denita Wawn said. 


"Unfortunately, there are a handful of organisations who, despite enjoying all the protections and legal rights given to registered organisations under the Fair Work regime, continue to deliberately and repeatedly break workplace laws and bully small business almost every day," she said. 


“Sadly, most of these organisations operate in building and construction, an industry which makes a massive contribution to the community and Australian economy” Denita Wawnn said.


"Judges have described these organisations as ‘recidivist’, ‘repeat offenders’ who operate ‘like they are above the law’ by treating fines and penalties as nothing more than ‘a cost of doing business’ and whose conduct ‘brings the entire labour movement into disrepute," she said. 


“As home to more small businesses than any other industry sector, it’s simply not fair that those men and women who run them are forced to feel the brunt of building union bullying every single day," Denita Wawn said. 

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